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április 2020

BLONDING CRAFT: Modern Placements

Ever wished you could speed up your colour services? Our new freehand technique is for generation INDOLA colourists who want to create transformative looks and save on time! The trend for freehand balayage over foils looks set to continue through 2020. Find out how perfecting your placement will cut appointment times in half and still have clients posting selfies straight from the salon… The beauty of dual application… Now, you can achieve a stunning, stretched-root effect in just two simple stages: First, get creative by painting sections using our Blonde Expert. You can vary the thickness, spacing and the placement of sections to create different effects, according to your client’s dream look! If your client wants a bright look, simply work your way up horizontally, or, for a diffused look, get backcombing those slices! This stage is not for the faint hearted but keep the faith. Once dried, your clients will be amazed to see that the bold stripes blend beautifully after the smudge with a toning service. Next, the smudge. It’s time to use your imagination and customise the result for your client. Either drag the root down in places for a more lived-in balayage look or skip it completely and work in horizontal sections. Blonde specialist and #indolaselected creative squad member, Denis Shefel (@shefeldenis), chooses the PPC shades plus a 4% Developer and then adds Color Transformer with a mixing ratio of 1:1:0.5 to master the smudge technique. Color Transformer converts the PCC shades into a demi-permanent colour to blend out lines seamlessly. It’s such a straight-forward way to tackle this dual application. Visually checking your toner is key, but you can always rely on a perfect colour match and beautiful shine. Watch the tutorial and see our step-by-step guide below for a visual reference. With these simple time-saving techniques, it’s time to mix it up and give your colour business a boost.

Denis' Expert Tip

"Using a demi permanent colour to tone the hair after a freehand balayage application is my go-to technique. It ensures the hair will stay vibrant and shiny until the next appointment"