The Artisan Craft Look 1
The Artisan Craft Look 2


The Artisan Craft 

”Have fun with the Artisan craft look. Apply the cutting techniques, the pale and medium tones; mix the textures. Create both wavy and straight locks. Do a fishtail to add spice to the look.” Andy Smith, Global INDOLA Ambassador

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The Cut

The Colour

The Styling

The Products

Products to use

  • Volume Mousse
  • Finish flexible hairspray
  • Volume Powder
  • Blonde Expert Insta Strong sampon

Colour Formula

A     Blonde Expert Highlift Ultra Blond 1000.1 + 9% Cream Developer

B     Blonde Expert Lightener + 2% Cream Developer

C     Blonde Expert Pastel P.31+ P.16 + Color Transformer

D    Blonde Expert Pastel P.31+ P.17 + Color Transformer

E     Blonde Expert Pastel P.31+ P.2 + Color Transformer

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